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Developing our


Our program areas:

Empowering Science

Our center aims to support scientists working on understanding how societal changes should be reflected in the architecture of our democratic institutions.

Facilitating Discussion

We organize events that spark sometimes heated, but always constructive discussions on the need for changing democratic institutions.

Developing Institutions

Based on the science and the public discussions we launch projects in collaboration with our partners that aim to directly spark innovation of democratic institutions.

Our mission

Based mostly on the ideas of Karl Popper and Francis Fukuyama, we believe that the best environments to enable social, cultural and technological innovation are built on democratic institutions – rule of law, separation of powers, democratic accountability, ideological pluralism etc.

This is why the mission of the DD Foundation behind the center is to build and strengthen these democratic institutions.

September 8, 2023



Tallinn, Estonia

We’re convening all those who are concerned about the future of democracies to discuss problems and solutions with the world’s leading democracy developers and then to launch the new Regional Coalition of Developing Democracy.

HEDF is a discussion festival that connects people from all over Europe who want to be inspired about the future. The purpose is to have two days of a truly seamless hybrid European public sphere, where citizens of different countries can engage on European topics at their own cities.

May, 2024

15 cities, Europe