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About us

Democracy is not ready

Democracy is a process that will never be ready. That is why the most existential threat to democracy is resting on laurels.

The DD Center for Developing Democracy was created to combat this threat – to make sure that our democratic institutions would keep adapting to the changes in our environment and that democracy would continue to be the best solution even in light of all the new complex global challenges.

Institutions that enable

Based mostly on the ideas of Karl Popper and Francis Fukuyama, we believe that the best environments that enable all kinds of innovation are built on democratic institutions – rule of law, separation of powers, democratic accountability, ideological pluralism etc.

This is why the mission of the DD Foundation behind the center is to build and strengthen these democratic institutions.


Facilitating a science-based public discussion on democratic institutions and developing them based on that.

What do we do?

The development of democracy must be systematic – one-off experiments and separate developments are not enough. There is a need to understand democracy as a holistic system, so that the adaptation to external changes could also be systemic. With the Center, we try to bring such a perspective to both democracy research and public debate, and then, on the basis of these understandings, propose and implement systemic changes at specific institutions both in Estonia and around Europe.