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Democracies have always been in danger. Since the oligarchs of Ancient Athens conspired with the autocrats of Sparta, there have always been those in and outside democracies, working against it. And yet the biggest threat is harder to see, as it happens slowly and with much less ruckus – that threat is stagnation.

We believe that democracy has a chance in the world when democracies are bright and inspiring examples for those that live in non-democracies. For that, the strong democracies of the world need to constantly innovate and develop to remain relevant and continue to function in a world filled with social media, AI-tech, polarization etc.

For this reason we are building a coalition of democracy developers and researchers working around the Baltic Sea region who want to collaborate on two things: a) on developing the institutions of representative democracy; b) doing this at home as well, not just in developing countries.

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Changes in the most important institutions of a democratic society should begin with the brightest minds and most sound philosophical thinking and quality research.


The innovation of democratic institutions should be spearheaded by nonprofits and democracy centers, who should be able to initiate changes in institutions.


We believe that there will be no democratic innovation without an open and transparent public discussion in media, social media and at physical spaces and physical events.



If you have an interest in mapping and advancing your country’s democracy ecosystem, regardless of whether you are an individual or an organization, we invite you to join our Coalition.

Our main goal is to create insightful maps of our countries’ democracy ecosystems and pinpoint areas with the greatest potential for impact. This will serve as the foundation for collaborative efforts within our coalition.

By sharing best practices and fostering further collaboration, we can collectively strive towards achieving our individual goals and driving significant systemic improvements.


We invite both individual researchers and academic institutions interested in making their work have more practical impact. Collaborations between scholars and practitioners will foster research-based democracy development in the region.


We welcome capable democracy developers to share best practices with other organizations. Our platform fosters collaboration between researchers and developers, enabling the discovery of novel ways to develop democracy in our region


We recognize that there are numerous individuals and organizations actively engaged in democracy development efforts beyond the categories mentioned above, and we extend a warm invitation for all of them to join our platform.

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This project is funded by Active Citizens Fund Estonia (ACF) of Norway Grants. ACF operator in Estonia is the Open Estonia Foundation in cooperation with the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations.

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