Center for Developing Democracy | DD Foundation

Our people

Strategic Advisors

Kristiina Tõnnisson

Director of Johan Skytte Institute at University of Tartu, Head of the DD council

Jenik Radon

Adj. Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Executive team

Martin A. Noorkõiv

Head of the Center
CEO of DD Foundation

Reelika Alunurm

Head of Institutional Development
CEO of DD StratLab

Joanna Kurvits

Head of Public Discussion
Project manager of HEDF

Kristel Jakobson

Head of Projects

Karl Lembit Laane

Consultant of Institutional Development

Triin Jürimäe

HEDF European Hubs

Anneli Rääbis

Team leader of Democracy Conference

Heli-Katri Marttila

Team member of Democracy Conference

Triin Mirjam Tark

Democratic Education
CEO of DD Academy

Meri Külm

Team member of Democracy Conference


People who've contributed to the creation of the Center with their thoughts and time.

Marju Lauristin

Professor emeritus of the University of Tartu

Teele Pehk

Climate assemblies at Green Tiger

Kai Klandorf

CEO at Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations

Toomas Tuul

Member of the Board of DD Foundation

Kairi Tilga

CEO of the Estonian Cooperation Assembly

Kaisa Jõgeva

PhD student at University of Tartu

Kaspar Tammist

Head of Arvamusfestival

Anthony Zacharzewski

President of the Democratic Society

Karolina Olofsson

Executive director of the Oslo Center

Gary Klaukka

Executive director of Demo Finland